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The Children of Daniel Murphree and Sarah Dempsey Murphree

The will of Daniel Murphree was dated 10 November 1769 and was made in Orange County, NC. It names his wife Sarah and his children as his heirs. According to Bill Linder's book, "All early family traditions and published accounts give the name of Daniel Murphree's wife as Sarah Dempsey. Although Daniel's 1769 will verifies that his wife's name was Sarah, to-date the writer [Linder] has found no documentary evidence yielding her surname to be Dempsey. There has also been no evidence found that would indicate Daniel Murphree was ever married to anyone else but Sarah. Accordingly, this writer adopts the postition that Daniel Murphree's wife was Sarah Dempsey, according to the family tradition."

Daniel's will indicates that their children were:

1. Elizabeth Murphree, b. c. 1737 [of] Bertie Co., NC, md. Solomon Barnes (d. Feb 1807 Wilkes Co., NC, Son of Brinsley & Elizabeth Barnes).

2. Sarah Murphree, b. c 1739 [of] Bertie Co., NC, md. William Blyth.

3. James Murphree, b. c. 1741 [of] Bertie Co., NC, md (1) bef. 1 Oct 1799 Millie ____, md. (2) Dec. 1803 in SC, Mrs. Ruth (Davis) Hudgins, and d. 1831, Anderson or Pickens Co., SC.

4. William Murphree, b. c. 1743 Bertie Co., NC, md. Hannah _____, and d. bef. 25 July 1834, [likely] Rhea Co., TN.

5. Daniel Murphree, b. c. 1746 [of] Bertie Co., NC, md. Mary (Molly) Bullard, and d. in Rev. War.

6. John Murphree, b. c. 1749 Bertie Co., NC, Md. Rebecca ______, and d. 6 Mar. 1828, TN.

7. Levi Murphree, b. c. 1753 Bertie Co., NC, md. Mary _____, and d. 29 Jan. 1798 (Brown Bible)(inv) 24 Jan. 1799, Pickens Co., SC, court records.

8. Solomon Murphree, b. 1757 (92 in 1850) Bertie Co., NC, md. (1) Sarah Ward, md. (2) 28 Jan. 1828 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth ("Polly") Praytor (her surname unknown), and d. 1854 Benton (now Calhoun) Co., AL.

9. Moses Murphree, b. c. 1758 Bertie Co., NC, and d. 1846 (will proved 8 May 1846), Pickens Co., SC.

10. Milley Murphree, b. c. 1760 (60 to 70 in 1830) Bertie Co., NC, md. Lewis Wimberly, and d. after 29 Apr 1830 [likely] Jones Co., GA.

11. Editha ("Edey") Murphree, b. c. 1762 Bertie [possibly Orange] Co., NC, md. Reuben Reed.

12. David Murphree, b. c. 1763 Orange [possibly Bertie] Co., NC, md. Jemima Cornelius, and d. 18 Feb. 1836 [possibly 1838], Yalobusha Co., MS.

13. Mary Murphree, b. 1765 (85 in 1850), likely Orange Co., NC, not married.

Militia and Revolutionary War Service

Five of the sons of Daniel and Sarah Murphree are listed in the September 23, 1772, Muster Roll of Captain Isaiah Hogan's Company, Chatham County, North Carolina Militia:

#30 -- Private Murphy, Daniel
#31 -- Private Murphy, John
#32 -- Private Murphy, William
#33 -- Private Murphy, Levi
#46 -- Private Murphy, James

This Muster Roll is included in Colonial Soldiers Of the South 1732-1774 by Murtie June Clark.

David Murphree, the youngest son, is not included in this Muster Roll. However, he is listed in Revolutionary War pay accounts and in the Daughters of the American Revolution Patriot Index with a place of service as North Carolina, but no service records are said to exist.

John Murphree's name appears on a Revolutionary War company payroll 22 Dec 1780. He served in Capt. John Johnstone's Company in Col. John Collier's Regiment of North Carolina Militia, commanded by John Butler, Brigadier General. He appears on a receipt roll dated 29 Jul 1783, for serving 106 days in the militia.


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