Murphree Genealogical Association
Murphree Genealogical Association Database (July 2015 Edition)

This official MGA database is available for download, thanks to the work of the MGA Genealogist & Historian, Bruce Jordan, and the Murphree Newsletter Editor, Linda Jordan. As is common in genealogical listings, the birth dates of those born after 1925 have been removed because of privacy and security concerns.

For corrections and additions, you may contact Linda and Bruce at Because of the massive size of the database, it will be updated only annually, so additions will not be made immediately.

There are two files, the index and the database itself, both are in Microsoft Word (*.docx) format. Because of their sizes, they cannot be used on line but must be downloaded to your own computer.

The index consists of surnames with Murphree connections shown in alphabetical order. Individual given names are listed in each surname category. Following each individual name is a number or a reference to the appropriate entry in the database.

The MGA Index. This is a large file (1.29 MB) in Microsoft Word (*.docx) format. It contains 1,274 pages when opened with Microsoft Word 2007 (number of pages depends on your default page layout settings.)

The MGA Database. This is a large file (5.35 MB) in Microsoft Word (*.docx) format. This document contains 3,818 pages when opened with Microsoft Word 2007 (number of pages depends on your default page layout settings.)

by Bruce Jordan

This database is in the form of a register-style report in which a narrative paragraph is created for each individual. It begins with a selected couple, in this case Daniel Murphree (1715-1769) and his wife Sarah, and includes all of their descendants up to a specified number of generations. Each descendant is assigned a unique number. The children of each descendant are identified with lowercase Roman numerals in the order of birth. The entire report is divided by generations. An index is included at the end of the report which lists each person alphabetically by last name along with his or her ID number.

This database file contains two numerical listings within the same report. One listing which is referred to as the bold numerical listing is located to the left of each column. The number and the person's name are both in bold type. The second listing is referred to as the indented numerical listing.

The number is in bold type but the person's name is in normal type and is always in the first indention location.

Using the Index. Use the Index, which is provided on this web site as a separate file, to find a specific individual. Look for the person alphabetically by last name in CAPITAL LETTERS. All the individuals with the same last name will be listed alphabetically by first name under the last name. The number to the right of the individual name is the ID number for that person, or the ID number of that person's parent or spouse. That person may be listed as 'child of' or "spouse of" an individual with an ID number.

         Example: Information is needed on JOHN DOE.

         Sample index entry:

                     ASA         child of 1124
                     JANE       spouse of 118
                     JOHN      325

ASA can be found by going to the entry 1124 in the Database file which is the entry for one of his parents. Jane Doe is included as part of her husband's entry at 118. JOHN DOE'S ID number is 325.

To find John Doe search the bold numerical listing in the Database for '325. JOHN DOE.' (Both will be in bold numbers and letters and located at the left of the column.). The following is the entry located. His children are listed with their ID numbers.

                  325. JOHN DOE. Born 18 Jun 1819

                  He married Sara Brown.

                  They had the following children.

                           1142. i ROBERT DOE
                           1143. ii SARAH DOE
                                    iii WILLIAM DOE, Born on 1 Jul 1845

To find the descendants of JOHN DOE, use the ID numbers of his children and go forward until you see the ID number 1142. ROBERT DOE. Both will be in bold numbers and CAPITOL letters. This process can be repeated to find all future generations. If there is no number by a name that means that there is no information on that person other than what is given in this location.

                  1142. ROBERT DOE. Born 1841

                  He married JOAN JONES

                  They had the following children.

                      2315. i RALPH DOE

To go back or find the ancestors of JOHN DOE, locate his ID number in the indented numerical listing. This will take you to John Doe's parents. This process can be repeated to trace the line back to the next set of parents.

Tip: Since the Index and the Database files are in Microsoft Word format, the Microsoft Word "find" function is especially useful in finding names and ID numbers. Use the "find" function to find a specific name in the Index, and then use the "find" function to locate that number in the Database.

These instructions and comments can be downloaded in either docx or PDF format by clicking on one of the links below. The Index and the Database, however, are only available in the docx format.

       Using the MGA Database and Index (in docx format)

       Using the MGA Database and Index (in PDF format)

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