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Sarah Murphree Blyth

Extracted from The Murphree Ancestry of Bill R. Linder

Sarah Murphree, daughter of Daniel and Sarah Murphree, was born about 1739, perhaps in Bertie County, North Carolina, where her parents were known to be living as early as 1743.

Sarah married William Blyth. A William Blyth made his will in 1832 in Greenville District, South Carolina. If this was the husband of Sarah Murphree, then he had a very long life, perhaps to about age 100. Since it is uncertain as to whether this will relates to Sarah's husband or to a son, the children listed in that will are not listed here as if they belonged to her. The will is included on page 464 of Bill Linder's book [see "References" on this web site] and lists Barbary Blyth as his wife. If this was Sarah's husband, then obviously Barbary would be his second wife.

Other references to William 'Bly' in Bill Linder's book include the mention of him as a chain carrier in a survey for a grant to Daniel 'Murphey' in 1758 in Bertie County and as a chain carrier with Daniel 'Murfrey' in 1759 in Bertie County; and his purchase of land from James and Samuel Howard in 1761.

References to William 'Blye' in Linder's book include his selling land in Northhampton County to John Jenkins, Jr., of Bertie County. This sale was witnessed by Daniel Murphree and others. William 'Blye' also sold land to Daniel Murphree in August 1762. There are other references in Linder's book which list William 'Blyth' and William 'Blythe'.

President William Jefferson Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III. His father, William Jefferson Blythe, Jr., was a traveling salesman who died in an automobile accident three months before Bill was born. His mother, Virginia Dell Cassidy, later married Roger Clinton, Sr., and the family moved to Bill Clinton's boyhood home in Hope, Arkansas.

Although he assumed use of his stepfather's surname, it was not until Billy (as he was known then) turned fifteen that he formally adopted the surname Clinton as a gesture toward his stepfather.

Some sources on the internet state that William Jefferson (Blythe) Clinton was descended from Sarah Murphree. Other listings of President Clinton's ancestry, however, take his lineage back only as far as Andrew Jackson Blythe (1801-1859).

One web site, the Political Family Tree web site includes a family tree for President Clinton which contains William Blythe II and Sarah Murphree with the birth and death dates shown for Sarah Murphree as 1755 and 1800 respectively, and the dates for William Blythe II as 1740 - 1837.


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