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The activities of the MGA are overseen by a Board of Directors and the MGA Officers. The six directors serve staggered terms. The officers and the expiring director positions are elected at each biennial convention.

The MGA By-Laws, including the amendments of 1993 and 1999 can be found by clicking HERE

Board of Directors
Name and Date Term Expires

Paul Milstead, Chairman (2021)
Janet Allison (2019)
Clarence Milstead (2019)
Randall Murphree (2019)
Mike Murphree (2021)
Bobby Murphree (2021)
James Young 2021)

Officers (2017-2019)

Bobby Murphree, President
Vacant Position, Vice President
Wiley Murphree, Secretary
Judy Dover, Treasurer and Membership Chairman
Bruce Jordan, Genealogist and Historian
Linda Jordan, Newsletter Editor

A major responsibility of MGA Presidents is the planning and conducting of the biennial meetings and conventions of the Murphree Genealogical Association. Following is a roster of past MGA Presidents who have so ably carried out these responsibilities.

Past Presidents and Conventions

Term - President - Convention Site - Year

1963-1971 - Annie B. Murphree Inman - Murfreesboro, North Carolina - 1970
1972-1973 - Paul Murphree - Oneonta, Alabama - 1973
1974-1975 - Dale H. McKibben - Oxford, Mississippi - 1975
1976-1977 - Theron Murphree - Murfreesboro, Tennessee - 1977
1978-1979 - Dwight L. Murphree - Athens, Alabama - 1979
1980-1981 - L. C. Murphree - Starkville, Mississippi - 1981
1982-1983 - James W. Backstrom - Pascagoula, Mississippi - 1983
1984-1985 - Dr. Walter Murphree - Gainesville, Florida - 1985
1986-1987 - Ernest Martin Lindsey - Dallas, Texas - 1987
1988-1989 - James Douglas Murphree - Paris Landing, Tennessee - 1989
1990-1991 - Conrad Murphree Fowler - Guntersville, Alabama - 1991
1992-1993 - Lyn Murphree Smith - Destin, Florida - 1993
1994-1995 - Gayle Bryan Wadsworth - Huntsville, Alabama - 1995
1996-1997 - Chris Murphree Andrews - No convention due to illness
1998-1999 - John Petty Murphree - Nashville, Tennessee - 1999
2000-2001 - T. Rae Murphree - Tupelo, Mississippi - 2001
2002-2003 - Mike Murphree - Dothan, Alabama - 2003
2004-2005 - Paul Cosby -
2006-2007 - Sara Cook - Houston, Texas - 2007
2007-2009 - Bobby Murphree - Oxford, Mississippi - 2009
2009-2011 - Walter Murphree - No convention held
2011-2013 - Judy Dover - Cullman, Alabama - 2013
2013-2015 - Randall Murphree - Oneonta, Alabama - 31 July & 1 August 2015
2015-2017 - Bobby Murphree - Grenada, Mississippi - 28 & 29 July 2017

The Murphree Coat of Arms
Murphree Arms
The Murphree coat of arms used on this MGA web site has been used as a decoration on GSOC publications by the MGA since 1963. It was researched by MGA charter member, Lois Weatherspoon West. Mrs. West also had a motto associated with the coat of arms, Fortis Et Hospitalis (Brave and Hospitable.)

Charles Murphree, on his wonderful Murphree Homeplace web site (www.murphree.homestead.com), says that he has personally found examples of this coat of arms both with and without the motto. He says, too, that there is some basis for the choice of this particular arms as it was originally the coat of arms of Murphy of Meath and Dublin, Ireland, and the ancestors of our Daniel Murphree are alleged to have been from Dublin. Mrs. West's research records concerning this have not been located.

The MGA Newsletter

The current MGA publication is the Murphree Newsletter which is published semi-annually. This newsletter has been in continuous publication since Bill R. Linder published the first issue of the Murphree Monthly on 26 August 1963 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The frequency of publication has varied over the years as the activity of the MGA has changed to reflect its changing membership and research. The Murphree Newsletter is edited by Linda Jordan, Prairie Hill, Texas.

This MGA Web Site

This is the official web site of the Murphree Genealogical Association. It has been created and is maintained by the webmaster, Jim Young, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, using Notepad++. Corrections and comments are welcome and should be sent to youngjmy@cox.net

Join the MGA

The annual dues for MGA membership are $30. Membership is on a calendar year basis, January through December. To join, send your check, made payable to MGA, to the MGA Treasurer and Membership Chair:

Judy Dover
1465 County Road 127
Bremen, Alabama 35033

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