Greenwood, Mississippi

The 2019 MGA Convention will be held in Greenwood, Mississippi. MGA President, Bobby Murphree, and Leo Murphree will be planning the event which will be held at Leo's Barn, a popular event center. Leo's Barn is used for meetings, parties, small conventions, etc. The facility also houses a museum with a massive collection of memorabilia. Greenwood has a variety of lodging options.

The Murphree Genealogical Association (MGA) was organized in October, 1963. It is dedicated to furthering research on the ancestry and descendants of Daniel Murphree I (ca 1715-1771) and his wife Sarah.

Our purpose is to preserve the Murphree heritage, to share information, and to promote fellowship among families who share a common ancestry. Membership is open not only to Murphrees, Murphree descendants, and Murphree cousins, but to anyone interested in researching their connections to this family line.

Please note that much of the information posted so far on this web site about Daniel Murphree I and his immediate descendants has been extracted from Bill Linder's book, "THE MURPHREE ANCESTRY of Bill R. Linder of Kenedy, Karnes County, Texas". The research results which are documented in that book were obtained between 1957 and 1998. In the years since then additional research has been done and some earlier information has been clarified, expanded, or corrected. As time permits, this site will be updated with the results of this later research. In the meanwhile, enjoy and appreciate the work that Bill Linder and the early members of the MGA accomplished.

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